The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

23 Dec 2022

With the season on the line, the Detroit Lions came up with a good call, maybe the best of the year--a 51-yard TD pass to TE Brock Wright on 4th-and-inches that beat the Jets 20-17. Dal Prescott's pick-6 was bad for the Cowboys. They lost to the Jags in OT 30-24 on the tipped-ball INT. On their way to OT, the Patriots lost to the Raiders by that same score when Jakobi Meyers took a lateral and inexplicably threw the ball backward 20 yards to Las Vegas's Charlie Jones who returned it 48 yards to end the game--the ugliest play of the year by far. 

On the GridCard, Teunesto (42) put up a TallBoy to earn King of the Mountain. It was the first KOTM for Teunesto who edged out two other TBs Ricco1947 (41) and Jeep Lover 2 (41). Eleven other players posted Qualifying Scores, almost all of them AutoPicked: LD (39), btalkington20 (37), Heart of a Hooligan (37), macs detail (36), Mr. Jake 50 (36), tinksdust (35), JD (34), Found Fish (32), Barry (31), Butch (31), and Telestar (31).

The Team GridCard regular season came to a close and the playoffs are set. Team Collins beat VBar 78-80 and secured the top seed over Team Detwiler who defeated TMac 73-59. The PGT was the best of the week, Teunesto (42) and Ricco1947 (41), scoring and drubbing the OG 83-57. Fictionasy came up just short of VBar for the playoffs when they lost to LFL 67-64. 

Team GridCard

GridCard Football Season


           Standings                 Record           GB


1.              Team Collins            21-9              --             

2.              Team Detwiler         21-9               --

3.              PGT                         20-10             1

4.              VBar                        15-15             6

5.              Fictionasy                14-16             7

6.              TMac                       12-18             9              

7.              LFL                          12-18             9

8.              OG Gridders            11-19            10