Senior Moment

9 Oct 2020

Almost thirty years ago to the day, the Colorado Buffalos were given an extra down at the goal line, beat the Missouri Tigers, and went on to share the National Championship. Even Tom Brady isn't that lucky.

Trying to mount a 4th quarter comeback for the Bucs and facing 4th and five, Brady went deep where the pass was broken up. As the Bears offense trotted out to kill the clock and close out the 20-19 victory, Brady remained on the field with four fingers in the air, expecting one more shot. 

The Bears' one-point win was a GridCard ATS loss allowing MMc (42) to go back-to-back as King of the Mountain. MMc (80), who also earned the King Kong with what equaled a double TallBoy, edged out fellow PGT player Teunesto (39) and TechPicNic Mr. Jake 50 (37). Six other players posted Qualifying Scores: amcmayonnaise (35), LD (35), AK (34), KMac (34), dangerzone (32), and kjh98 (31).