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14 Jun 2018

When Russell Henley couldn't save par on the 18th at Shinnecock Hills, 164 GridCard points missed the cut. But none of those points belonged to JohnnyRan (45) who followed up his Week 21 King Kong with his first GridCard Win. The Braves, Mets and Nationals did their part, but JR's bold (9) on the Rays against the Yankees carried the day--that and the extra half-run. 

The low-scoring Yankees' game also lifted Ace (37) who needed the Under to get past Jeepcreeper (68) for the King  Kong (69). Anabelle (35) and Jodyann (34) were the only other Gridders to defeat the ProGrid Tour which was as tight as a carny's basketball rim. Heart of a Hooligan (32) won the Second Game of the PGT on the third tiebreaker against Teunesto (32) and--at the same time--earned the First Game victory over MMc on the second tiebreaker. 

The GridCard played tough--allowing only these six Second Game Qualifying Scores.