Lightning Bolts Strike Twice

12 Dec 2018

In what felt like a deja vu GridCard moment, Philip Rivers rallied the Chargers late in the fourth quarter to spoil the Under and win straight up against the Chiefs. (Remember Chargers @ Steelers last week?)

With just four seconds left, Mike Williams scored his third TD of the night, then added the two-point conversion to carry Los Angeles to a 29-28 upset of Kansas City--and Annabelle (38) to her third GridCard win. Giving five, the Chiefs lost all hope of an overtime cover when Charger coach, Anthony Lynn, decided to go for the win--and then the Chiefs lost the game itself when they blew the coverage on Williams and left him all alone in the endzone, stunning the Arrowhead crowd.

Besides Annabelle, Ace (37) was the only other player to defeat the ProGrid Tour which was won by macs details (33)--a Rollover win, paying double. The Chargers' comeback cost dangerzone (31) the Hamlin-Hopper--although he did earn his twenty-fifth Qualifying Score. Other QS's were posted by Jodyann (33), Big E (33), MW (31), Kevin K (31) and btninja (33)--who won the King Kong (57) for most GridCard points for the week.