Checkered Flag GridCard Finish

26 Mar 2018

Congratulations to Markese Mayfield and the Ferris State Bulldogs on your Division II Men’s Basketball National Championship—a perfect ending to an amazing season. Well, almost perfect. There was that toe on the line that caused the made free-throw with 10 seconds left to be waved off, which in turn led to 17 GridCard players waving good-bye to 90+ First Game points when the Over/Under landed right on 140—an unusual start to an unusual GridCard game--which wasn’t completed till Monday when the STP 500 concluded after Sunday’s postponement.

It all came down to the NASCAR race, with Kevin K (32) needing an A-J  driver to overtake kare-bear (30) who sat atop the Leaderboard all weekend. Veteran Clint Bowyer took the checkered flag late Monday afternoon, giving Kevin K his third win of the year--second only to Heart of a Hooligan (6) for Career Wins-- and edging him ever closer to Career Total Point Leader MW. The only other QS (Qualifying Score) was posted by mac (30) who—along with rookie AlohaAl (28)—picked ups Wins against the ProGrid Tour, led by AFED with 26.

Note:  Postponements, cancellations, and suspensions of play are losers for all parties betting those games. There are a few exceptions, including World Series games, horse races, Olympic events, and—as in this case—NASCAR.