Tua Good and Tua Bad

26 Dec 2022

Tua Tagovailoa had 229 yards and a TD pass in the first half on Sunday but managed only 80 yards after intermission and threw 3 interceptions, the last pick by Rasul Douglas sealing the Packers' 26-20 win over the Dolphins in Miami.

KaitMac (38) earned King of the Mountain, her third KOTM of the year. KaitMac edged dangerzone (36) who won the PGT. The GridCard played loose, surrendering thirteen other Qualifying Scores: Dano (35), KDet047 (35), Heart of a Hooligan (33), kjh98 (33), Mr. Jake 50 (33), btalkington20 (33), Rico (32), macs detail (31), Teunesto (31), EricCinTexas (30), Bubba (30), KLC (29), and Avocado (29).  

In Team GridCard action Team Detwiler won Gm1 of the semifinal 68-67 over the PGT brothers, KDet047 (35), and Heart of a Hooligan leading the way.  And Team Collins defeated VBar 63-50, btalkington20 (33) and EricCinTexas (30) scoring for TC.