Mop-Up Sinks Over

10 Feb 2019

With just under three minutes left and a couple shots short of the Over, MSU's Coach Izzo emptied the bench. Nine missed shots later, the buzzer sounded and the Spartans had snapped their three-game losing streak with a 79-55 victory over Minnesota, the final score staying Under by one point. The Over which came in with a game-high 2.19 GCI didn't pan out, making Annabelle (44) the GridCard winner. 

Annabelle's first King of the Mountain this year was almost perfect, her only misfire the Under on Duke @ Virginia--her 44 points the highest First Game total of the year. Playing in just his second week, hollis07 (34) defeated a short-handed ProGrid Tour which was won by AFED (33). Five other players posted Qualifying Scores: dkropf (32), dangerzone (31), GO BLUE (31), summerman (29), and JohnnyRan (29).