Greek Freak Squeaker

21 Feb 2019

Eighty-three second-half points were not enough to offset a paltry forty-six in the first twenty minutes of Michigan @ Minnesota--the Wolverines missing five times from the line in the last minute of their 69-60 victory. In Milwaukee, the Bucks forced Kyrie to take a tough shot in the closing seconds and hung on to win 98-97--a straight-up win but a loss ATS which let kjh98 (41) slip past mac (40) for his first GridCard win of the year. The biggest NASCAR fan in the field, kjh98 scored the maximum when Denny Hamlin took the checkered flag in Daytona.

Jeepcreeper (38) was the only other Gridder to defeat ProGrid Tour winner Heart of a Hooligan (37) who continued his dominance of the PGT, beating MW (36) and winning the Rollover when the Celtics covered. Jeepcreeper (68) took home the King Kong for the top score of the week.

Kevin K (36) Annabelle (34), Teunesto (31), and AFED (31) all posted Qualifying Scores.