Hooligan Again

26 Jan 2018

Earlier this week, the GridCard Commissioner smugly predicted that Heart of a Hooligan could not possibly keep up his win-every-other-game pace. So what does that maniac mischief-maker do? He takes it to 75%, winning three of the last four, putting up another impressive 41. This punk did a Geena-Rosie-and-Madonna number on the rest of the field, edging out MW and Ace, who both posted 39 and newcomer Jodyanne whose 38 is often enough to win--but not this week.  KevinK, macs detail, and KDet047 posted qualifying numbers of 34, 32, and 31 respectively.

(Minimum qualifying number for any First Game: 29/ Minimum qualifying number for any Second Game: 31)

Can anybody take the Hooligan down? Or is he truly in a league of his own?