Back Door Covers

2 Nov 2018

On MNF, late in fourth quarter, the Bill's Derek Anderson engineered an eleven play drive to the Patriot thirty. Already winning against the spread (ATS) and looking to cut the Pats lead to five, the Bills were a lock until Anderson's next pass was intercepted by Devin McCourty and returned 84 yards for a highly unlikely Back Door Cover.

Another BDC decided the GridCard--this time by UCF who defeated Temple 52-20 Thursday night after trailing by as many as ten points. MMc (46) won a ProGrid Tour Rollover and picked up his third Public GridCard win while KLC (46) earned his second Hamlin Hopper (46) and his second King Kong (75) for winning the week.

The GridCard gave up a total of ten Qualifying Scores, including a couple of Tall Boys to macs detail (45) and Dano (42). QS's were also posted by GB55 (34), MW (33), Jodyann (32), Rico (32), AK (31), and mac (31).