Ice Trae Melts

26 Jun 2021

On Wednesday at Milwaukee, Atlanta stole-one-on-the-road, trailing by seven late in the fourth but rallying behind 48 points by Trae Young to defeat the Bucks 116-113 and take a 1-0 series lead in the Conference Finals. On Friday night, the script was switched as the Bucks took control early and poured it on, winning 125-91 and squaring the series. Trae Young went 6-16 and finished (early in the blowout) with 15 points. 

On the GridCard, JeepCreeper (38) took top honors, winning her first Hamlin-Hopper of the year. JeepCreeper scored big with the NHL, CWS, and Atlanta--both the Braves and the Hawks. Seven other players posted Qualifying Scores: Jeep Lover 2 (35), csmorgan71 (34), LD (33), Zacharydeego (32), dkropf (31), MW (31), and MMc (32) who won the ProGrid Tour. GB55 (63) won his second King Kong and stayed hot, following up last week's KOTM with a KK this week.