The Masters Preview

11 Apr 2019

The NBA playoffs tip-off on Saturday, and they include the Pistons who clinched the eighth spot with their win over the Knicks last night. The GridCard Commissioner worked furiously to bring you the correct matchups, times, and Vegas lines before the Thursday noon deadline.

GriCard Note: The Over/Under 220 WILL BE UPDATED to the correct number after they're released, probably later today, but we will stick with the opening point spreads although they might move a little.

Although the First Game ends with the 83rd edition of The Masters, you should start watching The Masters now. Players are already on the course, and, as usual, you have until noon on Saturday to lock in your picks.

There are thirteen NBA bets in the Second Game on the G-Card as well as a classic Cardinals @ Reds, Mets @ Braves, and Red Sox @ Yankees clashes. The Islanders play the Penguins on Tuesday in NHL playoff action as the Sprint Cup gets bumped to the Ticker this week.