NCAA Kickoff Preview

22 Aug 2019


Football that counts. Well, everything counts if you play the GridCard. (Remember Joey Chestnut coming up one hot dog short last month?) On Saturday night, Miami plays Florida in Orlando to kickoff the 2019 NCAA football season. Then Arizona takes on Hawaii in what should be a high-scoring late night shootout. The Second Game expands through Friday this week to include Wisconsin and MSU games. Other college games--UCLA @ Cincinnati, South Dakota State @ Minnesota, and Utah @ BYU--are also in the mix.

Two more weeks of preseason games before the NFL starts for real. Arizona @ Minnesota, Houston @ Dallas, and Seattle @ Los Angeles are First Game exhibition contests. Two of the best MLB teams go head-to-head on the GridCard this week when the Yankees play the Dodgers. And Cardinals @ Brewers and Nationals @ Cubs each meet for two key NL games.