Two Short

31 Aug 2019

In each of the first two quarters, the MSU Spartans ended 8-play drives with failed fourth-and-short conversions deep in Tulsa territory--yet led the Golden Hurricanes 25-7 at the break. These missed scoring opportunities, however, doomed the Over--well, that and a ten-punt, three-point second half. Lack of scoring denied LD (35) a rare back-to-back Hamlin-Hopper and made a GridCard winner of rookie kimbro66 (43) who made good choices across the board--NFL, MLB, and NCAAF (Steelers, Cardinals, Utah). 

The GridCard followed up its lowest-scoring ever First Game with more brutality. MMc (33) won the ProGrid Tour, another Rollover Game for the short-handed PGT. The only other Qualifying Score was posted by jocko (32). LD (59) captured the smallest King Kong on record.