Rules of Enragement

26 Nov 2021

The Detroit Lions need a new coach--an NFL rulebook coach. There was the intentionally running out-of-bounds penalty that negated a Lions' first-and-goal. There was the crazy unsportsmanlike penalty where a Lion said something about Jadeveon Clowney's mother, saddling the Lions with an impossible first-and-25. This week, on Thanksgiving Day, in front of a national TV audience, it was the rare "consecutive timeout penalty" that cost the Lions--leading to the game-winning FG in their 16-14 loss to the Bears. Remember Jim Swartz on Turkey Day in 2012 flagged for throwing the challenge flag on a scoring play that wasn't a scoring play? Google that one.  

On the GridCard, AutoPick produced seven of the eight Qualifying Scores, KDet047 (45) earning KOTM with a solid TallBoy. This was KDet047's first King of the Mountain and first King Kong (65) of the year. MW (36) stayed hot on the ProGrid Tour, taking his third PGT in the last four games. All the other QSs came from TechPicNics: Kara (35), Kevin K (33), Offroad (33), Lim Lamb (32), Mr. Jake 50 (32), and Jkloo (31).