Compliments to the Sheff

10 Apr 2022

Scottie Scheffler, ranked number one in the world, stayed red hot, winning the Masters almost without challenge, shooting a ten under 278--even with the double bogey on the 72nd hole. Tiger's return may have overshadowed Scheffler's win, but at age 25, this his first green jacket and first major win may prove to be more historic.

The double bogey, however, cost MMc (38) and Dano (37) a Perfect 45 Mirror, Mirror and made Mr. Jake 50 (42) King of the Mountain. This was Mr. Jake's first GridCard win of the year. Seven other players posted Qualifying Scores:  dangerzone (36), KMac (35), kjh98 (31), MW (31), Heart of a Hooligan (31), GB55 (29), and amcmayonnaise (29).

Team GridCard featured a 131-131 battle between Team Detwiler and the PGT. The ProGrid Tour earned the win when its fifth place player out scored TD's fifth 26-24. Newcomer Jamesiuki (25) and mac (25) helped VBar nip Team Collins 95-92. The OG Gridders defeated TMac 113-90 behind Dano (37).

Team GridCard

GridCard Basketball Season


           Standings                Record                GB



1.              PGT                          18-9                     --

2.              Team Detwiler         13-14                    5                     

3.              VBar                         13-14                   5

4.              OG Gridders             13-14                   5

5.              Team Collins            12-15                   6

6.              TMac                        12-15                   6