Feat of Klay

3 Jun 2019

Klay Thompson scored 25 points to lead the Warriors to a 109-104 victory over the Raptors. But with 7:59 left, Thompson hurt himself kicking-out on a 3-point attempt and never returned to the game. With his absence, Golden State's offense faltered and sank just one basket in the final 5:39--the game-clinching 3-pointer by Andre Iguolada. The scoring drought doomed the Over 215 and Steph Curry's Over 28 prop bet as KMac (41) claimed the KOTM.

Another TallBoy by btninja (40) went unrewarded, and mac (37), Kevin K (33), and dangerzone (33) continued to score well. Ricco1947 (29) and jocko (29) posted Qualifying Scores and earned WPNs when no ProGrid Tour player managed a QS.