Wardrobe Malfunction

8 Feb 2020

On Tuesday night, the historic Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction was recreated by Ohio State and Michigan--deciding both the Big Ten matchup and the GridCard. With :34 left in the game, UM trailed by one when Zavier Simpson, playing the role of Justin Timberlake, ripped Kyle Young's jersey as Simpson was fouled going to the hoop, leaving Young as exposed as Janet Jackson. Simpson converted his two free throws to give the Wolverines a 58-57 lead; however, after review, Simpson was charged with a Flagrant 1 foul--resulting in two free throws for Young, possession for the Buckeyes, and the eventual 61-58 win for OSU. 

The ripped jersey and the Milwaukee Bucks' 112-101 cover against the 76ers on Thursday made the difference for BabyMac (41) who picked up her first GridCard win of the year. Both those games helped Heart of a Hooligan (39) defeat Teunesto (32) on the ProGrid Tour, his fifth PGT win in five weeks. Seven other players posted Qualifying Scores: dkropf (36), csmorgan71 (35), macs detail (35), KDet047 (34), KaitMac (32), Jkloo (32), and Dano (31). Two TechPicNic--Butch (67) and KDet047 (67)--earned King Kongs for winning the week.