Celtics Keep It Close--Enough

28 Jan 2018

Celtics Keep It Close—Enough

After a disappointing, loss in Game 6—which featured an exchange of trash-talking texts with eventual winner, Heart of a Hooligan—Jodyann broke through in Game 7 and earned her first win, posting a qualifying 31 when the Celtics covered against Warriors on the strength of a 37-point first quarter.  After dropping her 8 when A&M came up just short against Kansas, Jodyann finished strong, earning 7 with Arkansas, 6 with Kentucky, and 9 with the Celtics in what may have been a preview of this June’s NBA Finals.

No other players managed a qualifying 29. Tommy was in it till the end but didn’t get what he  needed from the Warriors. KDet047 took second with 28. Macs detail recorded another Top 5 finish with a 26.