Road Dogs Growl

24 Jan 2020

Underdogs winning conference games on the road are a rare breed, but in the Big Ten, Penn State chewed up Michigan and Minnesota nipped Ohio State while in the ACC, NC State bit Virginia and Syracuse got Notre Dame. Rookie chloedesing (46) called all these games correctly but also knew when to ride the favorites, betting heavily on Duke, Toronto, and Houston on her way to a near-Perfect 50 and a first-week, first-GridCard win.

GB55 (41) put up a huge score but wasted a TallBoy. Mr Jake 50 (39) earned the only other WPN--all three players defeating ProGrid Tour winner Teunesto (37) who took both PGT games. Nine other players posted Qualifying Scores: JeepCreeper (37), btninja (37) Jodyann (35), csmorgan71 (34), amcmayonnaise (34), Jkloo (33), Winky (32), dangerzone (31), and keyz (31).