Clay Pigeon

11 Oct 2020

Kyren Williams and Chris Tyree each went for over a hundred yards and averaged better than nine yards a carry in Notre Dame's 42-26 beat down of FSU. But it was the last two yards they didn't get which hung an ATS loss on  the Irish. The Seminoles stuffed Tryee on a 4th-and-goal which would have given ND the cover, swinging 85 GridCard points to FSU and deciding the First Game.

Once Nadal destroyed Djokovic in straight sets in the French Open, Teunesto (40) secured the GridCard win, his third Hamlin-Hopper of the year. Teunesto's TallBoy earned him a win on the ProGrid Tour as well.  The PGT continued its recent winning ways, not allowing a WPN for the fourth straight game.

Six other players posted Qualifying Scores: Butch (39),  KMac (35), MW (33), dangerzone (33),  csmorgan71 (31) and JeepCreeper (31).