Playoffs Round 2 Preview

26 Apr 2018

The Heat lifts. No jangling Spurs. The Wolves and Trailblazers flee the forest. The NBA bracket is narrowing, but how fast? How many Game 7s this weekend? Four? Three? None?

The First Game on the GridCard kicks-off with prop bets from the NFL Draft. Which side of the ball will the Lions bolster in the late rounds on Saturday? Offense vs Defense.  And on the Ticker--who will become Mr. Irrelevant?

In Round 2 of the NHL playoffs the Boston Bruins visit the Tampa Bay Lightning and the San Jose Sharks fly to Vegas to take on the Golden Knights, the surprise team of the NHL. Four MLB games are on tap--two AL and two NL, including a prime-time matchup between the Yankees and Angels.

But the best Saturday night has to offer is the Rd2 NBA playoff clash between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Golden State Warriors. Anthony Davis and Rajon Rondo vs KD, Klay and Dray. Only a Game 7 would have more drama. But there are no guarantees of that this weekend. What we have instead is the GridCard Commissioner leaving a couple slots open--one in the First Game and one in the Second--so that the GCC can add a Game 7 matchup as late as Saturday morning.

The Second Game features Kyle Busch going for a fourth straight NASCAR victory. And more NHL playoff action, including a home-and-home between the Penguins and Capitals. The NBA playoff schedule for next week is still pending so the days and times are not accurate as yet, but will be cleaned up as the week rolls on. The marquee MLB matchup features the Yankees at Astros on Wednesday..