Big Little Man

17 Apr 2022

The Joel Embiid Points prop bet stayed well Under. The Philly big man shot just 5-15 for 19 points. It was Tyrese Maxey  who led the 76ers to a 131-111 win over Toronto, Maxey putting up 38 points on 14-21 shooting--5-8 from long distance. Pascal Siakam led the Raptors with 24.

On the GridCard, BabyMac (43) stocked a TallBoy and beat out LD (42) the other TB. This was BabyMac's second win of the year. Seven other players earned Qualifying Scores: mac (39), Nutmeg (35), Mr. Jake 50 (33), btalkington20 (31), Offroad (30), Jodyann (29), and ErciCinTX (29).

In Team GridCard action, BabyMac (43) and Nutmeg (35) led TMac to a 136-116 win over Team Collins. VBar got a big score from mac (39) and beat Team Detwiler 116-104. The PGT edged the OG Gridders 97-91 behind MW (28).