Trae Bien

18 Jun 2021

In Philadelphia, the Hawks came back from 26 points down as Trae Young went off late, scoring 39 points, helping Atlanta defeat the 76ers 109-106 to take a 3-2 series lead. Young scored 13 of the Hawks' last 17 points as Atlanta outscored Phillie 40-19 in the fourth.

GB55 (37) was King of the Mountain on the GridCard, GB55 winning the KOTM for the third time this year. He just edged out Gm47 winner btninja (35) who missed going back-to-back but did earn the King Kong (78). Aided by Jovic's ejection in Gm4, AK (34) did go back-to-back on the ProGrid Tour. Seven other players posted Qualifying Scores: JeepCreeper (34), Jkloo (34), macs detail (33), keyz (32), Jeep Lover 2 (32), MW (31), and Zeke (31).