Harden's Failed Floater

18 May 2018

Game One of the Western Conference Finals--an easy win for the Golden State Warriors--was winding down late in the fourth quarter when the GridCard produced some Over/Under 225 excitement. Trailing 119-106, the Rockets took possession with 12 seconds left--plenty of time for a drive to the bucket for a garbage-time layup. But James Harden pulled up for a 3-pointer which was unnecessarily contested and then surprisingly blocked by Steph Curry. Harden, however, grabbed the offensive rebound, stepped into the lane, and put up a little floater just inside the foul line which hung on the rim and rolled off, dropping 129 GridCard points at the buzzer.

Those smart enough to avoid the Over/Under jumped up the Leaderboard, including GridCard programmer and eventual winner, btninja (38) who picked up his third KOTM (King of the Mountain), behind only Heart of a Hooligan (7), Kevin K (4), and Jodyann (4). "If you build it, they will come--and you will beat them" would appear to be btninja's mantra who also won the GridCard Week with a very impressive (78)--his third King Kong of the year.

For most everyone else, the Second Game played tough, giving up only two other Qualifying Scores: Winky (37) and kare-bear (35). The ProGrid Tour failed to put up a QS so MW's (28) PGT Win triggered the Rake. Newcomer dangerzone (29) took down the PGT but failed to qualify.