Tiebreak Heartache

14 Jul 2019

In the longest Wimbledon Final ever, Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer 7-6 /1-6 / 7-6 / 4-6 / 13-12, the new Wimbledon final-set tiebreaker coming in to play. Federer won more games, but Djokovic was steadier in all the tiebreakers, suggesting the new format favored The Joker. Without it, the record-setting match--which would most definitely have gone on longer--might still be going on.

JeepCreeper (42) and csmorgan71 (42) picked up GridCard wins, the Over on Sets helping morgan, the Phillies 4-3 win over the Nationals lifting Jeepers. Only four other Gridders posted Qualifying Scores: Zeke (38), btninja (38), Hoffm133 (35), and CraigW (34). No ProGrid Tour player managed a QS so all of the above Gridders also earned WPNs.