Lows and Highs

26 Jul 2019

The Detroit Tigers average 3.6 runs a game, second only to the Miami Marlins for fewest RPG. Conversely, the Yankees and Twins are #1 and #2 in the league, putting up 5.82 and 5.70 runs per game respectively. 

Given these statistics, the Second Game on the GridCard played true to form, both Phillies @ Tigers games staying Under and both Yankees @ Twins games going Over--way Over. Playing the percentages produced a GridCard win for macs detail (44) who just slipped past MW (43) when three Americans posted 67s in the first round of the Senior British Open. Fellow ProGrid Tour player MMc (39) bet the Under once too often as did dangerzone (38). 

This is macs details' third Hamlin Hopper of the year, his second in the past three weeks. MW (85) did take home the King Kong, easily winning the week over macs detail (76) and MMc (72)--the PGT really flexing its muscles in recent weeks. Only three other Gridders earned Qualifying Scores: Kevin K (35), GB55 (34), and summerman (34).