'Tis the Season

2 Aug 2019

Trailing the Atlanta Falcons by three with under two minutes left and facing a fourth and fourteen, the regular-season Denver Broncos would have been attempting a short game-tying field goal. The Preseason Broncos, however, eschewed the FG, took a shot at the endzone, and connected for the game-winning TD--rookie Juwann Winfree hauling down the pass from Brett Rypien after tipping it to himself. 

The Under on the Hall of Fame Game made macs detail (39) a GridCard winner for the second time in three games, edging out MW (38) on the ProGrid Tour as well. The PGT has been macs details' playground of late. He's won four of the last seven games. Annabelle (38), jocko (36), and mac (34) benefitted from Winfree's circus catch. Pro Gridder Heart of a Hooligan (36) and keyz (32) posted the only other Qualifying Scores. 

After finishing second last week, macs detail (73) beat MW (72) for the King Kong.