Welcome to the GridCard Beta!

25 Jan 2018

For twenty years, a group of friends convened every Friday to talk sports and test their knowledge on just about every major sporting event by playing a weekly parlay card/office pool game called the GridCard. 

How I came to meet these guys is a story for another time, but I discovered this group just as they were partnering up with some of the area’s top programmers at Under the Mountain Software and turning their concept--which they originally tracked by paper--into a modern web game.

And while they aren't done, it's come a long way already. Even better, the group decided to open up the GridCard to anybody who wants to play. 

We've been playing online for about a month, and we're excited for more people to experience it.

The Beta

As of today, January 25, 2018, GridCard is moving from its Alpha phase and into its Beta phase.

For those of you who are ready to give it a try right now, you have until Saturday at Noon EST (Jan. 27) to sign up, make your picks for the first week, and get ready to have sports fun all week long while you compete for the top spot.

If you're not quite ready, that's all right. Visit our site and keep up on our progress. And go like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and if you sign up after this Saturday at noon, we'll keep you in the loop with email updates. 

We'll be letting more people into the Beta as we go along, so if you miss this first week, hang tight and you'll likely get in soon.

Pick your teams. Beat the spread. Live each game. 

Once you sign up, head over to the FAQ if you need help getting started. Here are the basics:

  • We play two games each week.
  • Picks open every Thursday at noon EST and close at Noon Saturday.
  • There are two games each week. The First Game plays out on Saturday.
  • The Second Game takes place from Sunday through Friday.
  • For both games, you'll pick the winner from 9 matchups, and assign points based on how confident you are. Get it right, you get that many points.
  • There's also the 2 Ball Ticker Kicker, 4 bonus picks you make for 1 or 2 points. 

All that adds up to a week full of fun, bad beats, and excitement--even on otherwise meaningless Tuesday afternoon baseball games. 

Join Us

Step away from Fantasy Sports and join the Reality Sports revolution

Where it only matters if you win or lose--not who plays the game.

Mitch McMahon