What is the GridCard?

The GridCard has been played weekly for the past twenty years. 

You'll be picking 22 games that will take place this week. The picks are against the spread, and you'll assign a confidence level (9 - most confident through 1 - least confident). Get the pick right, and you'll get that many points.

Most points at the end of the week wins!

What do I do in Game 1 and Game 2?

In both Game 1 and Game 2, you'll pick 9 games. 

Pick the winner of the game, but remember to take the spread into account. 

The pick you're most sure will be right, give it a 9. The pick you're second most confident with, give it an 8. 

Go all the way down until you pick the game you're least confident is correct - give that a 1.

What's with the Ticker picks?

These are bonus picks from games throughout the week, and give you a chance to pick up some bonus points.

Pick 4 of these 5 games. You'll give a value of 2 to the pick you're most confident in. The rest get a point value of 1. 

Why is there a View button at the top of the page?

While you're always competing against the entire public for achievements, you're also specifically competing against the Pro Grid Tour. That group of grizzled veterans have been playing the game for years.

Use the view button to see how you stack up against them, or how you're fairing against the GridCard public.

How do I use the Autofill button?

When you're making your picks, you'll notice a big green button at the top of the page. You can simply push that button, and it will randomly fill in your GridCard for you. This is a great way for first time players, and folks that don't care about that season's sports, to stay in the action all week. Give it a try!

Additionally, you can go through Game 1, Game 2, and the Ticker, and pick just the games you care about. Choose a few, then make sure you hit Submit at the bottom of the page. Once those picks are saved, click on the Autofill button to randomly fill in the rest of the games.

Once your picks are complete, you can hit the Reset button to clear everything and start over if you need to. 

Help us out!

This site is just launched, and doesn't quite have all of the features we want it to have. We're testing out a few weeks of the gridcard and gathering feedback. If you run into issues, have ideas, or just had a great time, please leave us some feedback. We'd love to hear from you:


Thank you!