When a game has been played for twenty years, it tends to pick up a lot of specialized vocab. So if you've had trouble following what the GridCard Commissioner is saying in the blogs, or aren't sure what you're seeing during the game or while making your picks, this page should help!

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GridCard Glossary:

2-Ball TickerKicker: a four-pick five-point bonus section that creates more play in the Second Game.

Achievements: GridCard accomplishments; the completion of GridCard goals or tasks.

A Game Well-Played: players score a minimum of 29 in a First Game or 31 in a Second Game.

AutoPick: the machine makes all 22 GridCard bets over two games and assigns 95 Confidence and TickerKicker points.

AutoPick Plus: the player AutoPicks and Saves, makes some changes and Saves again, a man/machine blend. 

Confidence Picks: the numbers (1-9) assigned to the pick to win the game or event.

GridCard Index or GCI: a measure of how many points were wagered on either side of the bet.

Gridder: a GridCard player.

GridLock: picks are closed for the week.

GridView: a screen that facilitates small-group play by showing all players’ picks in a Grid format.

GWP: a Game Well-Played.

Hamlin/Hopper: a GridCard Win.
(Harry Hamlin and Dennis Hopper starred in the cult classic and first ever street racing movie, King of the Mountain.)

Jinx: tempting Fate (or the Gridgods) by saying something positive about your picks or play.

King of the Mountain: a player who wins a GridCard game against the entire field.

King Kong or KK: a player who wins the GridCard Week or a GridCard Week Win.

KOTM: King of the Mountain

Mirror, Mirror: a player who calls all 9 games correctly for a total of 45 points in the First or Second Game.

Naked Nine: a superstition that assigning a 9 to your first pick guarantees a loss.

Perfect 45: see Mirror, Mirror

Pillow Talk: two players with the same picks and points.

Qualifying Score: a player scores a minimum of 29 in a First Game or 31 in a Second Game.

Rickey Henderson: a Man of Steal Achievement where a player wins his 9, 8, and 7.

TechPicNics: players who regularly or exclusively use AutoPick.

WPN: Who’s the Pro Now? achievement for outscoring the PGT in a First or Second Game.

WWP: weekly win percentage.

Sports-Betting Glossary:

Action: having a bet on a game.

ATS: Against-the-Spread. If a team is 3-1 ATS, it has covered the point spread in three of four games.

Bad Beat: a heart-breaking loss, usually late in the game, when a low-percentage event torpedoes a bet, making a sure winner a loser.

Book: short for bookmaker, a person or establishment that takes bets from customers.

Bookie: a person who charges a fee for taking bets.

Chalk: the favorite in the game. Chalk bettors usually take the favorite.

Closing Line: the final point spread before the game begins.

Cover: the favorite wins by more than the point spread. The underdog wins outright or loses by fewer points than the spread.

Dime: short for a $1000 bet.

Dog: short for underdog.

Even Money: odds of winning are 50-50. You bet $10 to win $10.

Favorite: the expected straight-up winner.

Futures Bet: a long-term wager such as betting a team to win a championship before the season starts.

Hedging: betting the opposing side of your original bet to minimize your potential losses.

High Roller: a high-stakes gambler.

Hook: a half point.

Juice: the fee a bookmaker charges for taking a bet, usually 10%.

Limit: the maximum bet taken by a bookie.

Lock: a sure winner.

Money Line: a bet—with no odds--where your team only needs to win.

Nickel: jargon for a $500 bet.

Oddsmaker: the person who sets the odds.

Off the Board: when a bookie is no longer taking bets on a game, due to a late injury or questions regarding who will be participating.

Over/Under: a term most often used to describe the total combined points of a game. Also used in prop bets.

Parlay: a bet involving multiple teams. For the bet to payout, all teams must cover. The more teams bet, the longer the odds.

Pick 'Em: a game with no clear favorite or underdog. The spread is zero.

Point Spread: the number of points the better team is favored over the underdog.

Proposition or Prop Bet: a special bet that’s not normally offered.

Push: a bet that lands exactly on the betting number.

Rake: another term for the fee the House charges to gamble.

Runner: someone who makes bets for another person.

Sharp: a professional, sophisticated sports-bettor.

Straight Up: outright winner of the game, without considering the point spread.

Underdog: the team expected to lose straight up.

Vigorish/Vig: another name for the fee a bookie charges to take a bet, usually 10%.

Wager: a bet.