GridCard is Better With Friends

GridCard is fun even when you don't know anyone else playing. Just watching a game and having a rooting interest is more fun than watching a game that you don't care too much about.

But the GridCard fun notches up when you have a friend or two that you're playing against! My friends and I have had countless text exchanges on meaningless mid-week MLB games because someone had 9 points on it and it'd make a difference in our spot on the weekly leaderboard.

You can invite your friends in too. It's easy enough to have them head over to and get signed up.

Invite Your Friends

Or, you can get credit for inviting your friends. Here's how:

  1. Click on Invite Friends
  2. Copy the link and send it out via email or social media
  3. Or, click on the share buttons to send it to Twitter or Facebook with some pre-built text for your convenience
  4. Or, put your friend's email addresses into the box and have a pre-built email sent for you. Here's what that email says:

Subject: You've been invited to join GridCard!

{Your Name} invites you to play GridCard!


For over twenty years, the players on the ProGrid Tour gathered every Friday night to lock in their picks on a parlay card betting game called the GridCard. This year, when the GridCard moved online, the GridCard Commissioner agreed to let everyone play--for free.


Once you sign up, head over to the FAQ if you need help getting started. Here are the basics:

  • Two games are played each week.
  • Picks open every Thursday at noon EST and close at noon on Saturday.
  • The First Game usually plays out on Saturday.
  • The Second Game takes place Sunday through the following Thursday.
  • In both games, you make nine bets and assign confidence points (1-9) to each bet. Winning bets earn points.
  • A bonus 2-Ball TickerKicker section--four picks worth five points--adds play to the Second Game.

Take a few minutes to pick your teams. Or use AutoPick and take seconds. Follow your name on the Leaderboard or click ProGrid Tour in the nav to play against the ProGrid Tour. The GridCard makes every game you watch--count.


My ProGrid Tour

There's a full tutorial on how to use the My ProGrid Tour coming soon, but here's a quick tip.

Click on (or hover over) the Public view in the navigation. Then choose My ProGrid Tour.

From here, you can manage a list of friends. When you're on the My ProGrid Tour view, the list of players is filtered down to just your people. Now it's super easy to keep track of what they're up to!

We're so glad you're here and enjoying the GridCard. Be sure to bring your friends and you'll have even more fun!