GridCard Leagues

The ProGrid Tour has been running weekly for over twenty years. GridCard gives you a taste of the rollercoaster of emotion that they ride each week while watching sports.

Now it's your turn! Gather your friends and frenemies into a GridCard League and play the game the same way that the ProGrid Tour does.


Why GridCard Leagues?

In a league, you and your friends will vie each week for Victory Points. These Victory Points can easily be converted to your favorite betting currency, whether that be candy, drinks, steaks, gold coins, or bitcoins. The League keeps track of the Victory Points, and your League Commissioner can handle paying the bets offline.

GridCard League Features

  • Private, invitation only leagues. Non-league members cannot view your league.
  • Up to 10 players (though the GridCard Commissioner recommends at least 5 players, with 7 being the perfect balance). Need more space? Public leagues with unlimited number of players are coming soon.
  • League Sessions to split the year up into any number of weeks, each with their own Victory Point scorekeeping. Perfect for keeping the action fresh and for resetting everyone's Victory Points to 0 in the new Session.
  • ProGrid Tour rules that include rollovers, tie breakers, and payouts for perfect games.
  • Major Sessions that track GridCard points over multiple weeks and pay the Rollover out to the highest player
  • Keep track of your league and your GridCard memories for years


The GridCard Leagues are FREE during their Beta rollout. Sign up now and get the full league experience for no cost.

Future pricing is currently under consideration. All leagues in place when the Beta ends will receive 30 days free before the cost begins.



League Details

Let's deep dive into all of the league features.

Creating a League

  • Creating a league is always free for the first 30 days. That will enable you and your friends to try it out for four weeks of GridCard action before having to pay. (Leagues are free during the Beta phase).
  • When you create a league, you are the Commissioner for that league.
  • Invite up to 10 players via their email address or GridCard username.
  • Your players will need to sign up for a free GridCard profile.

The League

Within the league, you'll have a lot of information at your fingertips.

  • See your league members
  • Invite new league members
  • See League News - for now, this is auto-generated as Weeks and Sessions close. These news updates will keep you informed on who won, and what they won.
  • View current Victory Points (VP) for your league members, and their Historical VPs.
  • View past and current League Sessions, and the League News that was generated during those sessions.
  • The VP value
  • The Major Money rollover pool

League Sessions

A session is a way to break up the GridCard year into "seasons". When you start a new Session, the old session is closed, your league members are added to the new League Session, and everyone's VPs are reset to 0 in the new session. The VPs gained or lost are added to the member's Historical VPs.

Their are a lot of different ways you can break up your league into Sessions:

  • Every month
  • Every time a major sport starts or ends
  • Every quarter
  • When the Major Money rollover pool hits a certain VP value.

The ProGrid Tour combines these methods. They begin a new, four week Major session whenever the Major Money rollover reaches 5 VPs. At the end of those four weeks, they close their Major session and start another standard Session.

As the end of the calendar approaches, the  PGT start a Major Session for the final four weeks of the year. As the calendar rolls over, they end the Major Session and begin a new standard session for the new year.

Major Session

A Major Session is won by the player with the highest accumulated total of points during First and Second games of each Week in the Session. The winner's prize is the VP in the pool, up to 10(x) VP. 

Adding Players

You can add and remove players at any time. They will be added to the current session and will not affect past sessions. In the Pro Grid Tour offline, if a player does not participate in every week of the session prior to a Major session, they are not eligible to win the Major VP. The GridCard assumes everyone is eligible, but if you are in this situation, please email [email protected], and we can find a way to ensure the new player is not eligibile for Major VP in the next Major session.

Victory Points (VP)

VPs are the unit used by GridCard to keep track of how well a player is doing in the league. As a League Commissioner, you get to choose what that Victory Point represents.

Let's say you wanted to bet marbles, and each Victory Point should equate to 5 marbles. You would set the Victory Point value to 5.

When the week begins, each player would be debited 10 Victory Points --> 5 Victory Points for Game One and 5 Victory Points for Game Two.

If there are no rollovers, the winner of Game One would receive 5 Victory Points multiplied by the number of players in the league. The winner of Game Two would receive the same.

Here's an example. Let's take the start of week one of a Session with 7 players. VPs are worth 5 marbles.

Player Before Week Starts After Week Starts Ace wins First 1 MMC wins Second 2
Ace 0 -10 25 25
MMC 0 -10 -10 25
Player 3 0 -10 -10 -10
Player 4 0 -10 -10 -10
Player 5 0 -10 -10 -10
Player 6 0 -10 -10 -10
Player 7 0 -10 -10 -10


If no player reaches 29 points in the First Game, there is no winner. In this case, one VP is added to the Major VP pool. The rest of the VP are up for grabs to the winner of the Second Game.

For example, let's take the same 7 player league from the Victory Points (VP) section above. In this example, while Ace had the highest total in the First Game, he did not reach 29 points. MMC still won the second game with more than 31 points.

Player Before Week Starts After Week Starts Ace wins First 1 MMC wins Second 2
Ace 0 -10 -10 -10
MMC 0 -10 -10 45
Player 3 0 -10 -10 -10
Player 4 0 -10 -10 -10
Player 5 0 -10 -10 -10
Player 6 0 -10 -10 -10
Player 7 0 -10 -10 -10

Notice that the sum of all players in the final column is -5, not 0 as it was in the first example. That -5 is represented in the additional VP added to the Major VP pool.

Major VP Pool

If no player reaches 29 in the First Game, a single VP is added to the Major VP Pool.

If no player reaches 31 in the Second Game, a single VP is added to the Major VP Pool.

If a player has a perfect 45 in the First Game or a perfect 50 in the Second Game, they win VP in the Major VP Pool, up to 10(x) VP.

However, if the perfect game occurs during a Major VP Session, it must be in the final game of the session to win the Pool and steal the Session.

Tie Breakers


  1. # of Matchups correctly picked in tied Game
  2. # of Matchups correctly picked in the First and Second Game combined, not including Ticker Kickers
  3. # of Ticker kickers correctly picked
  4. If still tied, the players split the VP. Any remainder is added to the Major VP Pool.

Major VP Session

  1. # of correctly picked Matchups over the entire Major Session, not including Ticker Kickers.
  2. # of correctly picked Ticker Kickers over the entire Major Session
  3. If still tied, the players split the VP. Any remainder is added to the Major VP Pool.

Multiple Leagues

A player can own and participate in multiple leagues. However, only one set of GridCard picks are made each week. Once the player's picks are made, it applies to all public and private leagues, as well as the overall GridCard weekly play.