Making Your Picks

So you're ready to try your luck at a new type of fantasy sports game? There are a few ways to get into the GridCard. Let's take a look at how easy it is to do so. Watch the video or read on to get in the know!

When Can You Pick?

The GridCard opens play every week on Thursday at Noon EST. You'll have until Saturday at Noon EST to get your picks complete.

What Do You Pick?

The GridCard consists of two games, each comprised of 9 picks. For both the First and the Second Game, you'll have 14 different matchups to choose from. 

In the Second Game, you'll also have 4 bonus picks to make, which are known as the Ticker Kicker picks. 

With the 9 picks of the First and Second game, you'll rank your confidence in your picks. Your 9 pick is your the matchup you are most confident in, and your 1 pick is your least confident pick. When you get a pick correct, you earn the number of points you placed on that pick. 

How To Pick

There are a few different ways you can get started. Let's start with the easiest way.

1. The AutoPick!

Short on time? Don't care about a week full of MLB picks, but still want to play? The AutoPick can save the day. 

Here's how it works: Click on Autopick! at the top of the page. That's it!

The machine will randomly choose 9 of the 14 matchups, and rank them 1-9 for you. It will do that in both the First Game and the Second Game, and will also setup your  2-Ball Ticker Kicker picks.

You're all set! It's quick, it's easy, and you'll have 22 matchups to root for over the course of the week. Sure, you didn't pick it yourself, but look at it this way: if it goes wrong, you can blame it on the programmer's over at Under the Mountain Software!

2. The Hybrid Approach

If you've been following along and have already clicked on AutoPick, hit the Reset my picks button at the top of the page to clear off your picks. Now you've got a clean sheet to start with.

The Hybrid Approach is what I (Ace) like to do. I start off by scanning the matchups in the First Game. As I go down the list, I look for matchups where I think "I know who'll win this one!". I click on the who I think the winning team is and keep going. If I'm not sure, I make sure to hit the in the upper right hand corner. That info can be the difference between winning and losing, as there is lots of great insight to be found. 

Leave the points for later.

Once I've reached the bottom of the page, I'll have clicked on 3 or 4 matchups. These are the ones I'm most confident in, and I can see my progress using the progress tracker at the bottom of the page. 

What I'm hoping to find here are my 9, 8, and 7 point picks. Once I've found them, for the First and Second Game, I'll then hit the AutoPick. 

The AutoPick will respect the picks I already made, and fill in the picks that I didn't care enough to pick myself. A perfect Hybrid Approach!

3. How the Pros Do It

If you've got the time and the knowledge (or really just the time), start out the same way the hybrid approach does. Click on winners until you've found 9 of them, then go back through and fill in points. As you choose points, you'll notice that the system keeps you from choosing the same point value more than once. 

Once you've picked all of the points, hit save and move on to the next game!

Do that until the progress bar turns green for the First Game, Second Game, and 2-Ball. Then you'll be done and ready to compete!

Thanks for playing! If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions, please email [email protected]