Player Stats and Achievements

There's a lot more hiding in the week view, if you're willing to click around. This time, let's take a look at other players.

Target a Player

To start, click on a another player from the week view. You'll see a screen like this:

If you picked a player other than yourself, you've filtered the week view to just yourself and this other player. Now you can compare your picks against theirs. It's a perfect way to see how you can beat someone for the week.


But let's go deeper yet. Above What to Watch and the Leaderboard, you'll notice a Career Stats link. Click on that to view everything that player has accomplished. 

After you've clicked on it, you'll first see the player's achievements. Scroll through to see everything they've accomplished so far. The Level indicates how often they've done it. (Look for a post on achievements coming soon.)


There are two tabs at the top of this page. Click on the tab for Stats to see even more data. Now you'll be seeing a full breakdown of Week, First Game, and Second game stats for the player.

See how deep it can go? Try that out with the Pro Grid Tour players (the ones with Stars by their name), and be sure to do it for yourself as well.

Player List

There's another way to start your trip to the deep part of the GridCard. Click on Players in the top navigation. Once you've done that, you'll see the all-time leaderboard for the GridCard players. Someday soon, you'll be able to do some better sorting and filtering of the list. But for now, just try to keep moving up the list yourself!

And if you click into any player from here, you'll get that same Achievement / Stat page so you can see how well they (or you) are doing!