GridCard Reviews

5 stars

17 Aug 2018

I'm a long-time GridCard player, one of the originals. Got started betting parlay cards years ago--then my bookie got busted. Lucky for me.

My friends on the ProGrid Tour and I place 23 bets on 34 nationally-televised games each week, and it costs us nothing. On average, bookies take about 10% of every dollar bet--even more on parlay cards--so the GridCard has saved us thousands in vig.

But you don't have to play for money to enjoy the GridCard. And you don't have to know anything about sports to play--and win. Every bet is fifty-fifty (or close to it) so the fantasy football podcaster and the little old lady who doesn't know the difference between a touchdown and a touchback have about the same chance. In fact, a player using AutoPick wins the GridCard about half the time.

And you don't even have to win to have fun. The bad beats are just as exciting as the game-winners. Watching sports wouldn't be the same without the GridCard. I'll be playing every week.