Use the Week View Every Day

So you've picked some matchups and you're in the game. What now?

Use the main week view every day. If you're logged in, this is the page that you'll see when you go to

There's a lot going on here! If you want to dig into each spot, watch this video:

If you don't have time for the video, let me break down how I (Ace) use this view every day of the week.

1) What to Watch

These are the matchups that you placed a confidence bet on and are playing this day. If the date/time of the matchup is red, it's happening right now.

I'll hop on to the site, check to see who or what I'm rooting for, and then use that to make sure I'm yelling the right things at the TV :)

2) The Info Button

Once the week has started, the Info button still gives the same matchup information it did during the Pick phase. However, it nows includes the GridCard Index, or GCI. This is a measure of how strongly the field feels about the pick. I read the description below the GCI and it gives me another layer to think about when deciding what team to root for.

3) The Picks Button

Click on the picks button to see how everyone picked on this game. This is a useful tool if you're tracking the Leaderboard and trying to figure out who might beat you. I'll click here to see an overall view of the game.

4) The Leaderboard

You'll find your player highlighed on the leaderboard. If you aren't crossed out yet, you have a mathematical chance to win. You'll notice how many points you've won so far, and how many points you can possibly win. Armed with that knowledge, you can scan the list and see who may have you beat. 

If you want to really dig in, you can then click on those players who may beat you. You'll be presented with a week view with just you and that target player highlighted. Then you can see what they've picked and how it compares to you. 

I use this to see if I still have a chance to win the week, and more importantly, if I can break through the Qualifying Score and start earning achievements. 

Make Every Game Count

Our first goal at GridCard is to make every game count. After you've checked your What to Watch, you're ready to kick back for an evening of spectating or checking ESPN's score trackers so you can root along with any game, any team, for any sport and still be invested.

Have Fun and Good Luck!

And do let us know if there is anything we can improve, explain, or expand by emailing [email protected]